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    I (Dave) print and assemble each case by hand. The design is by Danica Prowse.

    This printing technique is very variable and a degree of distressing/imperfections are expected as part of the process. Numbers are limited simply by the availability of materials and the time it takes to make these.

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Debut EP.

Available as digital download or as a special metallic hand printed CD digipak

Sample: soundcloud.com/youbarbarians/helioshiva-ep-teaser


released August 21, 2015

Dave W Currie - Vocals, Bass
Rhys Telford - Drums
Igor Ian Ignjic - Guitars

Jessica Aaltonen - Backing Vocals (2,3)
Eva Prowse - Backing Vocals (2,3), Violin (3,5)
Kevin Currie - Horn (3,5)

Recorded by Dave W Currie in Wellington
Guitars recorded by Brian James Wanders in New York
Additional guitars recorded by Igor Ian Ignjic

Mixed by TKO and Dave W Currie
Mastered by TKO at STL Audio, Wellington

Music and lyrics by Dave W Currie except 'Helioshiva' music by Dave W Currie and Ben Smith.

Design by Danica Prowse

Thank you Lisa, Curries, Aaltonens, Caleb Smith, Nick Major, Andrew Craig and everybody above especially Ian & Brian.




all rights reserved


You Barbarians Wellington, New Zealand

You Barbarians is a hard rock project based in Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Helioshiva
I watched the sun go down so many times I got it in my head I’d always see it rise. Over bone rich earth under patient trees the fruit that will freeze in the coming frost. The life I’ve led & the time I’ve lost, I’m coming ‘round to the idea. When we’re in the earth & the earth’s in the sun all we’ve ever been will be as one. When she burns out in her death throes she’ll make a rose out of her blood. Her arms will come & claim the long dead us. Destined to become a beautiful fuel. She’ll find our bones where we lay them down. They’ll leave their home & meld in the fire above. If you fear letting go, if you fear this love, when the sun swallows us it will be as one. Closer than I could ever come by loving someone in life & in death. We will fuse in a star’s dying breath
Track Name: Limits of Control
got sick of overthinking. I lost my faith & that’s a good thing. Baby I know we’re coming to the end of the road. I never saw it as a white lie when it was coming from a rich white guy. You know you’re selling down the river your own. I know you’re reaching the limits of your control. Twist on a pin when you get stuck in a lie. They’ll let you blame your memory or colour of tie. When smile & wave turns vile & caves. A middle money manager playing a role. This is corruption, the rich have had nothing sold. Eyes on everything you do. Sell us out, spot you at the next bailout. You vote the suit you get the sleaze. The banks choked us in ’08 & we gave them the keys. I know where every other cent’s gonna go. Blind trust in you. Empty shops of a dying city. The sick & poor out in the street. The pockmarked parks & the blackened seas. Thousands of kids without enough to eat. Are you really thinking through your legacy?
Track Name: Northern Suburbs
He breathed water until he became a stone. It was an accident until she checked her phone. I know you’re seeing that lunatic. I’ve got something to really make him twitch. They left together in the morning like any day before. She took his call at work & cried right out the door. She had to hear it, had to know. He made is mind up to tell her three weeks ago. Someday all of us will meet a tall dark stranger. I don’t think he’s gonna care what love you’ve known before. I know you’re waiting on him. But I am here. I would give you everything
Track Name: Three Legged Dog
The car & the company phone & the vulgarities of your home. Does a dog with a bone & three legs care where it came from? You dribble & you drone. Chilled out son of a gun who gets on with everyone. Until some millionaire born buys the company for a song & wants the union gone. You still having fun? Get out you bandits ‘cause it’s over now. Consider yourselves found out. When they say it hurts the bottom line. When they move, change the rules or they lie. And end up with workers dead or gasping for breath it wasn’t one motherfucker just asleep at his desk. It was all of us together showing what we tolerate for a price
Track Name: World's Own Eyes
Cold winds sting my eyes when I catch too long a view & feel that breeze of time. How can I account for that I’m just the x & y of waking life & the visible band of light? They’re the world’s own eyes as much as they are mine. When they close we lose each other. It’s all time’s history as known just to me. When they stop they drop together. Before a single breath was taken, seas of rock & iron, illuminated by third generation fire. The metals & the stones which we use to say ‘forever’ are only here because even the stars can die. Won’t you pity the boy? Won’t you honour those immortal thoughts? Before the lightning got its thunder & every hour its number. Won’t you for fire’s sake? Won’t you for what is made & what would break? Hold my eyes open just somehow. Don’t let me miss an hour. Won’t you just spare me this fate? ‘Cause I’ve been so fucking scared as I’ve felt the pull temporal rope ‘round my neck. “Cause all I know is in my own head. All of time what’s seen or said & it’s never the second I’m dead